Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day 1"x 8" Cello Bag Heart Treat

Hi again -  I know, this isn't made with a Stampin Up die, but I just thought it was CUTE and QUICK!  I put Tootsie Roll Midgees in 2 of the narrow cello baggies (1" x 8") and adhered them together in a way that would form a heart.  Then I wrapped the heart with Poppy Parade Poly Twill ribbon.  I just started wrapping, so I'm sorry I didn't measure how much ribbon I used.  These were easy to make with the Midgees because they made bending easy; I didn't try M&M's or jelly beans, but these should work great too.

Thanks again for visiting and see you tomorrow!


  1. I just found your website...after seeing your calendar on Becky Roberts'. Have scrolled down 3 days and am in LOVE!!! You are a new favorite, favorite...I can tell!!

  2. Maria what a clever idea and so cute and pretty---another great creation. Have a good day! Rachel

  3. I also found your website of your calender from Becky Roberts email. I love it. So I subscribed right away..Thank you for sharing your talents..I got my first email from you today..Thank you..Cheri