Monday, March 18, 2013

My Digital Studio Software Changes are AWESOME!

Big Changes for My Digital Studio:

WOW, Stampin' Up made some HUGE changes to the My Digital Studio Software:
  1. Stampin' Up is changing the name of the software to MDS. Now, you might be asking yourself, didn’t it just change to MDS 2 last year? Yep, it sure did.
  2. Stampin' Up is lowering the price! What has been known as MDS 2+ is now ONLY $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN and will be called . . . yes, you guessed it, MDS. It’s the same great software and content at a fantastic new price.  Believe me, this software is SO WORTH THE PRICE!
  3. Coming soon: all of you who have been holding onto the original My Digital Studio software will be able to UPGRADE for FREE. Stampin' Up will be letting us know as soon as it is available. YIPPEE! 
With all these changes, be sure to check the My Digital Studio website at for latest updates, samples,  video tutorials and more!  Other info you may want to know:
  • Stampin' Up will still offer a free 30-day trial version of the MDS software for anyone who had not previously tried the MDS 2 Trial.
  • The original My Digital Studio software (not the product line) is going away, including support for it. The free upgrade will be available soon!
  • MDS 2 (the software that didn’t have much content) is going away.
  • You can still get the software on a disc (item 130647) or as a download (item 130646). Just keep in mind the disc will say MDS 2+ on it because it will take us awhile to switch everything out.

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