Monday, October 1, 2012

Stampin' Up October FREE Paper Piercing Pack Special!

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I just wanted to post the October Stampin' Up Special and tell you all that I finally finished my husband's project - yippee!!  Today's the last day of painting thank goodness!  So, this week I'll be working on my Resume and looking for a job. 
I was lucky to be able to be done today, because towards the end of last week, I got the "crud" sickness going around.  I had a fever, sore throat, chest and sinus congestion, achy, and I can tell you, I DON"T like being sick!  I'm still congested and coughing with a sore throat, but I don't have a fever now.  And my mother's been on IV antibiotics for a hip joint infection and last Thurdsay, we found out she's got pneumonia too!  My poor mother's been through a lot these last 6 years, but she hangs in there and thanks God for the good days; something I need to work on doing more of! 
So, I hope all of you have a great and healthy week, and I think after I finish my Resume, I'll be a stamping fiend, so be sure to check back!

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