Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Digital Studio Software Video

This video explains what My Digital Studio offers and the difference between the two options available to purchase My Digital Studio software:

Find more videos like this on My Digital Studio

I really encourage you to watch the numerous TRAINING VIDEOS available here showing how to use and how to alter My Digital Studio software.  The training videos are categorized into "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced", and so on.  I keep watching them to refresh my knowledge; they really help!

Also, sorry I haven't posted any projects lately, but I'll remedy that soon! 

Finally, if you signed up to "Follow Me by Email" and haven't received any emails yet, please try again.  I think the problem is that you didn't follow the link in the email sent to you by Feedburner so you didn't get "Verified".   I can see several people listed that tried to sign up, but show as "Unverified".

Take care and Happy Wednesday; thanks for visiting!  

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