Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Stampin' Up New Year's Resolution

This Post is from the Stampin' Up Blog and was written by Melody H, a Stampin' Up Concept Artist, click here to go to it.    I'm posting it because stampers must think a lot alike - I did the same thing this year!  I gave cards to my sister and niece, and I had my customers come over and go through my swap cards to put together their own card gifts!

 "Continuing a Resolution"

In January, I decided that one of my resolutions for the year would be to work on my Christmas gifts throughout the year (instead of driving myself crazy during the last three months).  I love to give hand-stamped cards. To me, they are the gift that keeps giving because they're meant to be given away to someone else.

My relatives have expressed a need for cards—sometimes more often than I can make them. My goal was to make enough cards to give everyone a stack they can use throughout the year.

Many of the cards I gave away this year were from kits that were left over from my monthly card class. Some were from other random creating sessions. I loved that I had a purpose for what I was creating and it was fun to see the box I was storing the cards in fill up as the year went on.

I purchased a couple of the Festive Flurry Ornament Kits and used them as the embellishments on each gift.

It was so fun to see everyone's reactions as they flipped through the cards. I feel as if the packs of cards were a huge success, so I'm going to make it a tradition.

Melody H.
Concept Artist

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