Friday, February 22, 2013

Altered Stampin' Up Mini Milk Carton Die Tutorial

A Concept Artist, Melody, at Stampin' Up created this wonderful milk carton by using Stampin' Up's Big Shot Milk Carton die in a different way.  The Milk Carton is a fun Die because you can make it taller, shorter, and wider; there are lots of possibilities. Melody chose to go wider this time. Here’s how she put it together. 

Step 1: Cut out two milk cartons, fold on the lines as shown, and cut off two panels as shown.

Step 2: Apply Sticky Strip to the tabs on both of the milk cartons.

Step 3: Attach the half milk carton to the full milk carton, then fold the bottom flaps under the top as shown. Close the milk carton with the Sticky Strip on the other tab. Fold the bottom panels under and secure together with SNAIL Adhesive.

Step 4: Take the half of the milk carton that was cut off and cut 3" from one of the panels.

Step 5: Use Sticky Strip to stick the 3" panel to the bottom of the milk carton to make it sturdier.

Step 6: Fill your carton with treats and close the top with Sticky Strip, a mini clothespin, or other closure of your choice.

These adorable little gift boxes would be great for a party favor, a quick thank you treat, or a birthday gift. What else would you do with a tiny paper airplane?  To make the small airplane on the tag, Melody used a 2-1/4" x 2-1/2" rectangular piece of paper.

The original Stampin' Up Blog post can be found here, and more samples of this same concept can be found in the annual catalog, p. 68.   Have a great weekend!

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