Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Family Member - Emma

Hi everyone! Here's Emma, our newest family addition. Some of you may know that our first "baby", Bella, was ill with cancer and we had to say goodbye to her on Christmas Day. It was the worst Christmas I ever had; after almost 11 years with her, losing her just made me cry and cry. I used to laugh at women like me that were obsessed with their dogs, but I soooo turned into that. Bella was truly like my daughter; I will always love her and miss her. My husband couldn't stand the empty feeling he had, so he went to our local Animal Humane Association and adopted this little gal. We named her Emma and WOW is she a handful. When we adoped Bella, she was older and was already potty trained and somewhat calm, but Emma is only 2 months old and she is a handful. She's finally not crying at night, so I'm now getting some sleep.

I'm taking a survey, is it better to crate train her or to just keep saying "no" and taking her outside? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks for stopping by!

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